Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Amos and Boris - Common Core Text Exemplar - Freebie

 I hope you've liked my series on the text exemplars for second and third grade Common Core so far. I have found most of the titles on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.com. For some reason, I often got better prices if I clicked on a picture of the book in the little scroll bar that shows up once you have added an item to your cart. (It's where the companies show you titles that other buyers also purchased.)

Today's text exemplar is Amos and Boris, a story about friendship between a mouse and a whale. Click on the pic above to get a document with TWO activities for your literacy stations! The first is a review of the story elements for Amos and Boris. The second is a matching activity using context clues on words from the story.

Are you using the Common Core text exemplars in your classroom? Leave me comment and tell me what you're doing.


  1. I'm loving this series of activities! Thanks!!!

  2. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!! Awesome!!

  3. Thank you so much for these! All of your exemplars are amazing!!!!