Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Adjective and Adverb Scavenger Hunt - Freebie

My kids love it when I put up a scavenger hunt. I honestly don't think they know they are practicing skills! All they know is they are having fun.

My latest hunt is based on adverbs and adjectives.
After finding the 32 words hidden around the room, the students record the words on a T chart they have made themselves.

Just be careful---my assistant and I spent a good ten minutes trying to find one of the cards I had hidden too well!

Just click on the pic above to get the cards.
Happy hunting!

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  1. I am merrily printing your cute work.

  2. I am not going to HIDE my admiration for all the wonderful activities you share!

  3. Thank you for sharing! My kiddos LOVE scavenger hunts too.

  4. I keep trying to find the pages that go with your adjective and adverb hunt, but all I keep getting is sent from link to link. It never gets to a page where the activity is.