Sunday, January 25, 2015

Valentine Divison Scoot -- Freebie!

Are you beginning to plan your Valentine-themed activities with your kiddos?

Here's a great activity to use as either a whole-class Scoot game or in a center for practice in using division to solve word problems.

If you use it as a Scoot game, put one problem card on different desks around the room. Students can work alone or with a partner to rotate through the cards. After they work one problem, they find the next card. For a little bit of fun, add a timer and give them five or six minutes at each card before they have to move on. Give students blank paper to use to record their answers.

If you have some students needing more practice working word problems, punch holes in the cards and put them on a ring. Place the cards in one of your math stations.

Just click on the link above to get your freebie!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Here's Hoping for Some Snow Days!

I'm hoping for some snow days this winter! I love my job, but I love spending time at home, too.

I spent some time this weekend making a multiplication freebie.
My kiddos have always loved playing games if they have to race against a clock to complete a task. Print this off on card stock and add a timer and you've got a math station that's ready to go!

Just click on the link above to get your freebie.