Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bundle It Up! -- Place Value Freebie

Common Core requires second graders to realize that ten bundles of ten make one hundred. This is going to be an activity in one of my place value math stations next week. Gather up lots of popsicle sticks and rubber bands, a die, and print off the number cards. Students draw a card to determine the target number. They take turns rolling the die and draw that many sticks. When they get ten sticks, they use a rubber band to bundle them. The first person to reach the target number wins the game.
It's a quick game that you can also play with tables or small groups competing against each other.
Just click on the pic above to get the directions and cards. 


  1. Hi Mary!

    Thank you for sharing this :) I'm teaching 4th grade this year and I'm sure some of my kiddos will need this visual and kinesthetic the reminder!


  2. Love it! I have a TA in my room that is going to do hands on math activities with the Kiddos while I am doing reading assessments the first full week and this is a PERFECT activity for one of the days!

    Polka Dots and Teaching Tots

  3. Sometimes I think you must be teaching across the hall from me because so often our kids are on the same topics at the same time. Thanks for being a wonderful resource!

  4. Thank you! We are studying place value and I can never have enough games!

    Heather at TeachItToday!