Friday, August 31, 2012

Spinning Place Value -- Place Value Freebie

Here's another quick place value activity for a math station.
You need a numbered spinner, place value blocks, paper, and pencil.

Students spin the spinner three times to make a number. They use the place value blocks to model the number. Once they have made a model of the number, they draw it in a graphic organizer and add the standard, word, and expanded forms of the number. You can use the example I included or let students come up with their own way to record the info. This would also be a good activity to show understanding of different ways of representing numbers in a math journal.

Just click on the pic above to download the activity.


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  2. I know I have told you before, but you truly amaze me! Thank you for sharing all your things "free". I love seeing your posts listed in my emails! Your great ideas enrich MY classroom! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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  5. Wow! Thank you for all the cute place value games. My second graders will love them.

  6. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I can use them in my math classes and my pupils will surely love them. God Bless!