Saturday, March 2, 2013

Principal Appreciation Day - and an OU/OW FREEBIE!

We had a FABULOUS day at school yesterday!
Our assistant principal cooked lunch for us to honor our principal. That's her in the front holding her gift certificate for a massage.....because what's a better gift for such a stressful job??!! 

Shrimp, pork chops, steak, chicken, potatoes, onions, corn, grits cake with strawberries, walnut brownies, yummy cookies!
It was to die for!

Here's the chef!

If you haven't taken the time to thank your principal for all he or she does, do it now! I hope you are all as lucky as we are to have such a caring, knowledgeable, easy-to-work-with leader.

Now on to the freebie!
Here's part of a sorting activity for ou/ow words I'm going to be using next week in my Word Work station.

Click on the pic above to get the file.

Visit my stores by clicking on the links to the right  if you want to see more of the packet.


  1. Yay! What a great freebie. My 3rd graders definitely still need practice with specific digraphs, so thank you for sharing! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Thanks for your generosity in sharing such a great resource. Any idea why I'm not able to get it through google docs? I've never had any trouble before, but twice today I've tried to download things from google docs and nothing shows up. Any tips would be most appreciated!

  3. Thanks for the fabulous freebie! I will use it during Daily 5.
    First Grade Found Me