Monday, February 11, 2013

Fortune Teller Math Fluency Game

Looking for a fun way to practice Math fluency?

My block shared this activity with our parents at our Parent University Night. The parents loved it, the kids loved it, and we loved it!
The kids who came that night begged to teach it the next day to their classmates that couldn't come.
We've been playing it in any spare minutes we can find.

Take the face cards out of a deck of cards.
Three students play together.
One holds the cards and is the "Adder."
She sits in between the other two students, who sit facing each other. 
The "Adder" gives each of the other two students a card, but they cannot look at it. They place it on their forehead so that the other player can see it, but they can't.
The "Adder" calls out the sum of the two cards.
The "Fortune Tellers" (the two other students) try to be the first to guess their number by subtracting the number on the card they can see from the Adder's total.
The kiddos don't even realize they are working on their addition and subtraction fluency while they are playing. All they know is that they are having fun.

(We had to have a talk about not spitting on the cards to make them stick to their foreheads!)

Try playing it one day this week and let me know what you think. I hope you have as much fun playing as we have!

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  1. How fun!!! I can't wait to try it this week!
    First Grade Found Me

  2. I love it! I can't wait to play it with my students!

    1. I love this idea! You could also use this to practice multiplication / division fluency. As a sub. teacher, this will be a great go to game for me...SO fun & versatile! ;~) Thanks for sharing! ~Sara

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  4. Another great idea! I'm including it in Bagels and Blogs tomorrow. :)

    Math Coach’s Corner

  5. Wonderful idea...my fourth graders will also love playing this game! I have the game called: Headbanz....It comes with bands that kids can wear on their heads to hold the cards....I will be re-purposing those head bands for this game! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a fun idea! I've been looking for new ways for my kids to practice their facts. We will be playing this on Tuesday!
    Still Teaching After All These Years