Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prefixes Write the Room - Freebie

A review of prefixes is coming up in our next unit.  

To start us off  (and to wake us up since we will be doing this after lunch),  I'm giving the kiddos a Write the Room activity on prefixes.
I'm hiding twelve cards around the room. These cards have a word with a prefix that will complete one of the sentences on a worksheet. The kiddos will have to choose the right word to fill in the blank on the worksheet.

I'll reuse this again later on in the week, but that time they will have to find a hidden card and use the word in a sentence. I'll set a timer and see who can write the most complete sentences using the words in the time limit.

If you want the Prefixes Write the Room cards, worksheet, and answer key, click on the pic above. They are part of my Magical Prefixes packet in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and Teachers Notebook shop. Don't forget that both sites are having a big sale. All of my products are marked down at least 20%!

Have a great last day of the weekend.
Please leave me a comment if you download the activity. Use a word with a prefix and I will reload my page to read them all!


  1. Thank you for the unbelievably superfabulous activity! My kids will like to redo this activity over and over!

  2. The students love getting up and about to do their 'work'. I will laminate the cards at home since I'm unable to do that currently at school. Thanks!

  3. Hi Mary, thanks so much for the REVIEW activity for those often MISUNDERSTOOD prefixes! My kiddos still demonstrate some MISUNDERSTANDING about prefixes and base words! You're UNBELIEVABLE!

  4. I always love to REVISIT your site!

  5. My students love your games and ask to replay them as a review before an assessment. Thank you for sharing your unbelievable talents!


  6. I always love RELOADING by Google Reader or REFRESHING my Facebook mini feed to find new and exciting activities from you!

    Thank you!


  7. You are such an UNselfish person to share so many freebies with us all. I love to REvisit your blog to see your latest efforts. I offer you my UNconditional thanks!


  8. Mary you are so generous to share your wonderful activities with us! I love visiting your blog because you always seem to focus on what I need to work with my children. Thanks for everything you do to help students everywhere and for inspiring fellow teachers! You rock!!!

  9. Thank you for sharing your very creative activities. They not only help children have fun learning, they help me have more fun teaching. Thank you so much!

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