Monday, October 24, 2011

Vocabulary Response Chart

We introduced our new vocabulary words for the week today. I used the following chart before we talked about context clues.

Students put a small post-it with their name next to each word under the column that matched their understanding of the word:  I Know It, I Have Seen It But Can't Explain It, I Don't Know It. This is what our chart looked like before our small group lesson on context clues.

Here is a closeup.

After our lesson on context clues, each group was allowed to move their post-it if their understanding of the word had changed. This is our chart after two groups had worked with the words. 

The students liked showing how their understanding of the words had changed.

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  1. We do this same concept, but the students move around to the 4 corners of the room according to how well they know the word.