Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Best Laid Halloween Plans

Well, I have a plan for tomorrow.....and we all know how classroom plans for Halloween go!

I'm planning on having a slide show on my Promethean Board ready when we get to our room after Morning Meeting in the gym.

Each slide explains one activity we are going to do during the day.

First up, the students are going to work with their table group and look around the room for clues to help them make inferences about what we are going to do during the day.

Next, the students are going to choose RingPops and use their senses to write a descriptive paragraph. See the PowerPoint file at the end of the post for directions. I got the whole box of RingPops at Walgreens for about $5.00.

Next, students choose a pack of chips and look for nouns in the pictures and words on the pack. Walmart had boxes of Halloween themed chips.

Next, it's Buddy Reading time. Partners will read Halloween stories and joke books together.

After that, we will use the Spooky Noun Scavenger Hunt in our Science books that I posted about earlier. Click on the pic below to go to that post.

Then it's time for some Magic School Bus fun and fact and opinion practice.

Our local Rotary Club delivered dictionaries for each student to take home. The kids beg to race to look up words, so we are going to have a Spooky Speed Demon Race and use our dictionary skills. Click on the pic below for the PowerPoint for the activity or HERE for a pdf file. I didn't put a timer on the slides so that you could do that and use what is appropriate for your class.

For Math, we are going to use the activity I posted for The Thirteen Nights of Halloween. They have worked with it in centers, so now we are going to pair up and make posters showing different ways of representing numbers. Click on the pic below for the original post.

By then it will be time for refreshments. I have my other activities I've posted about throughout the month to fill in any gaps.

Click on the pic below if you would like a PDF doc of the PowerPoint slides or HERE for the PowerPoint files.

I hipe you have a fantabulous Halloween Day with your kiddos!

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  1. WOW! It sounds like your kiddos will have tons of fun tomorrow. I am a little jealous, for the 2nd year in a row I have a student with an objection to Halloween activities . . . so none can be done. Maybe next year. Have fun!!!