Monday, August 12, 2013

Short Vowels and Syllables Freebie!

After being a Common Core ELA coach for our state this summer, I've tried to put more emphasis on the Reading Foundations skills in third grade. I have made several activities that require students to recognize the syllables of words. Here's a freebie for you that is all about multisyllable short vowel words.
Just click on the pic above to get the freebie!

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Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for the short vowel syllable freebie. It will be a great way to ease our kiddos back into the routine in an interactive, fun manner. Love it!

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    I just nominated you for the Leibster Award, hop on over to my blog to check it out!



  3. I am starting my second year as a 2nd/3rd grader teacher and I find all of your activities soooo helpful! I was just wondering, how do you organize all of these activities? Right now I have them all in their own little plastic bags, and I'm getting unruly, slippery piles of bags everywhere! Thanks so much for your help!

    1. I have a few in plastic bags, too, but the majority are in file folders. I buy cute, bright colored folders, glue on the covers, laminate, and attach a self-adhesive ziplock pocket to store all the materials. It's easier to keep in a filing cabinet or crate. I include the book, too, if one accompanies the activities.

    2. That sounds great! Thank you again for your help!