Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's Our Fall Break!

We started school on August 5 and are officially on what YOU would call Fall Break, but what we here in Shelbyville call "Out for the Horse Show!"
Our town is the Walking Horse Capital of the World and home of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. Schools are out during the run of the show. This is the first year in my entire life that I'm not going to the show at all. 
I'm heading to the beach for some R & R on a girls' trip. 
Before I leave, I wanted to pass on an offer from EAI.
Exploragons are a hands-on tool that lets students explore geometric concepts. Students snap the flexible sticks together to explore polygons and plane geometry. The kit includes the coolest protractor I have ever seen. The sticks snap right on to the protractor so your kiddos can measure angles. There are dry erase task cards that are perfect for small group and math station work AND a deck of Quick Check cards. These cards are perfect for a self-checking formative assessment for your kiddos. The kits are great for helping your students meet the Common Core geometry standards.

EAI is offering free shipping on all Expoloragon orders of at least $30.00 through September 30 if you use the code PPFREESHP13 when you order. 

I am taking a complete break from blogging and all things school-related until I get back from the beach. Have a wonderful week. I'll be thinking of you while I'm sitting with my toes in the sand and a book in my hand!

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