Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vocabulary Literacy Centers and Linky Party

I read several books this summer that emphasized the need for good vocabulary instruction in all classrooms. If students cannot understand the meanings of the words in the reading selections, they will not be able to comprehend the text. Almost every book stressed the need for students to be able to recognize prefixes, suffixes, and affixes. If the students are familiar with these, they can apply what they have learned to figure out many new words. Combining this with my belief that literacy centers are the best way to provide meaningful practice for students, I searched for easy to make activities that were readily available on the internet to make for my students. The best site is the Florida Center for Reading Research. This site has easy to make activities correlating to the Five Pillars of Reading that we teach at Learning Way. I started with the vocabulary resources and have them ready! Access these activities at http://www.fcrr.org/. Click on Instructional Materials for Teachers. From there, choose the Student Center activities for your grade level.    
A great resource for a Making Words Folder for either literacy centers or individual student work is at the blog, What the Teacher Wants, at http://whattheteacherwants.blogspot.com/2011/06/making-words-folder.html
Mrs. McDavid’s Second Grade website has several ready to print centers at http://www.ourclassweb.com/center_activities/lang_arts/.  
Check out Russ’ Rockets at http://www.mrsruss.com/Teachers/foldergames.html for lots of games for literacy centers.
Beth Newingham is my idol! I love her Literacy Centers page at http://hill.troy.k12.mi.us/staff/bnewingham/myweb3/, as well as her page at Scholastic at http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/contributor.jsp?id=3746.  Be sure to check ALL of her links!
These are just a few of the books I read that help me as I plan for the new year.
What Really Matters in Vocabulary, Patricia M. Cunningham
Literacy Work Stations, Debbie Diller
Making the Most of Small Groups, Debbie Diller
Practice with Purpose, Debbie Diller
The Book Whisperer, by Donalyn Miller

I'm interested in hearing from other second and third grade teachers with vocabulary ideas, games, and activities! Click on the Linky Party for Vocabulary on the right!


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