Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Photo Ideas for Classroom

I take a lot of pictures in our class to document our learning. Walgreens' website has an option to make a photo collage that is 8 1/2 x 11. I use pictures to show what we did during a project. The first picture below shows our school secretary helping our class decorate a pumpkin to look like our principal. We gave her a copy as a thank you for helping us. The second shows off our symmetry pictures. (Sorry about the quality...a picture of a picture doesn't always work!) I also use the collage to teach main idea. The students help me come up with the main idea of the pictures and we use that for the caption.

I also put only one picture in the collage to get a poster. We use these as anchor charts. The kids refer to them all the time.

A sentence

 must start with a capital letter, 
 end with punctuation, 
and make sense!
The students in the posters are acting out the motions we make when we talk about sentences.

The next four posters show our motions and facial expressions when we are discussing the different types of sentences. 

I keep extra copies of pictures at the Writing Station to use for prompts.

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