Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet Odd Mod and Even Esian

I read Even Steven and Odd Todd to my kids today to review even and odd numbers. 

As I read the story, they recorded any numbers they heard on a graphic organizer labeled Even and Odd. (I forgot to make a pic of the graphic organizer.) You could do one organizer on the board to record the whole group's answers or let each child make their own foldable.

After talking about the book and how we recorded the numbers, I divided the class into four groups. Two groups drew Even Steven or Odd Todd. The other two groups gave their characters new names....Odd Mod and Even Esian. (Obviously the kiddos came up with the new names!)

The kiddos could dress the characters in any way they wanted as long as the odd characters only wore an odd number of each item and the even characters only wore an even number.
After the characters were dressed, each group had to write sentences describing the characters.

Here are the finished products!

Meet Odd Todd and Even Steven...
...and Odd Modd and Even Esian!

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  1. Love this idea!! Have you shown your kids the Odd Todd and Even Steven video? My kids LOVE this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT9aqgpjdyw

    EduKate and Inspire