Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Common Core Poetry Freebie, Fourth and Final Freebie (For Now!) AND January Currently

Fourth and Final Freebie! (How's that for alliteration?!)

All the poems in these activities for my Common Core unit on poetry are based on a summer theme.

Click on the pic above to download.
(Remember to set your printer options to "FIT" so that all the material will print on each page.)

I'd love it if you would leave a comment and tell me what you do in your classroom to help your kiddos understand poetry.

Teachers go back to work tomorrow. Our kids don't come until Monday. I'm anxious to see them, but I sure do like being at home!

And that seems to be the theme for my January Currently!
Listening: to NCIS (I've been OD'ing on reruns and marathons while we've been off!)
Loving: that both my kids are home fro m college....although neither are currently in the house right now! 
Thinking: how much I love my time at home. Getting back in the real world starts Thursday. Sigh.
Wanting: Snow Days....lots and lots of snow days!
Needing: Snow Days....lots and lots of snow days!
OLW: I think my One Little Word is going to be Renewal. That covers sooo many aspects of my life..professional...personal...spiritual...
If you haven't linked up with Farley's January Currently, go now. It's a fun way to step back and take stock!

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  1. Just remember...It's a SHORT WEEK!! :) It's tough to go back on a Thursday, but those two days will fly by! Snow will come soon. :)
    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi! Just found you through the Currently linky and am so glad I did!! Thank you for the poetry freebie:) In 4th grade, we do a lot of writing different types of poetry but my favorite activity is having them memorize a poem and recite it to the class. They always amaze themselves with how well they can memorize and recite it in an engaging way! Love That Dog is a favorite book to read with the class too.
    I am always waiting for a snow day too. Living in the Lake Effect Snow Belt, we rarely get a snow day! Think an average of 200" of snow per year! "Lucky" for us, the plows are well equipped:) haha!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

    1. An inch or so qualifies as a snow day for us!

  3. I LOVE N.C.I.S reruns. I watched the whole 7 or 8 seasons this summer. Have a great new year.

  4. Hey Mary!
    Thanks for stopping by An Educator's Life. It was nice of you to do so. I am your latest follower- 1051 in fact! :)
    Have a fantastic day!
    -MrHughes :0)
    An Educator's Life

  5. Thanks!! You have amazing poetry resources! This helps A LOT ;)

    1. Good luck teaching poetry, Najat! Let me know how it goes.
      Mary at Pitner's Potpourri