Thursday, January 12, 2012

Compound Word Matchup -- Whole Group Activity -- Freebie

We are still working on recognizing compound words. To review today, I set our timer for three minutes. Each table group had to work together to write as many compound words on one piece of paper as they could in the time limit. The words had to spelled correctly WITHOUT that little extra space between the two words some of my kids are INSISTING on adding. Everyone had to contribute at least one word to the finished product. 

After that, I handed out cards with either a compound word or a word that wasn't a compound word written on it. I picked two students to be our compound word detectives. I taped a sign to their chest that said "Compound Words" or "Non-compound Words" and gave them each a magnifying glass. They walked around the room, peering through the magnifying glasses, reading each child's word cards. When they found a word that fit their category, that child got up and followed them around the room. They loved it and asked to play it again and again.

We finished with this freebie I'm posting for you.

Hand out these cards to your kids. Set a timer and have them find another student with a word that will make a compound word if added to the word on their card. Once they have matched up, they must write a word using their new compound word. For more practice, ask them to write a statement, a questions, a command, and an exclamation. Click on the link below to download.

Please leave a comment if you download!

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  1. I love this, AND your other ideas! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for another great activity. Do you loop 2nd/3rd every year, reliably? Are there some years where it does not happen? 2nd/3rd or 3rd/4th loops would be my dream. :)

  3. This is really cute. Thank you! I am going to use it with my summer school class this week.

  4. Great activity, thank you. Also a fun way to get kids into partners for a longer activity.