Monday, December 19, 2011

Today is Celebration Day!

Today is our Christmas Celebration at school. We go all day, then come in tomorrow for two hours. We don't come back until a Staff Development Day on January 4.
I'm going to do the same thing I did for Halloween and project our schedule of activities on our Promethean Board. It helped to keep the kids on track and contain their excitement for Halloween, so I'm hoping it will work today, too!

I'll have all the materials for the day hidden in shopping bags, so they'll have to be sitting out. The kids will make some good guesses/inferences/predictions about what's in the bags and justify their answers.

Each student will get an individually wrapped Christmas brownie. They will use their senses to write a paragraph about their brownie.

We need to review nouns, so we are going to do a Scavenger Hunt using our Christmas books. For a little added fun, they are going to get a giant ink pen I found at The Dollar Tree to record their answers.

Jake, our elf on a shelf, has been watching us closely. This is the student's last chance to convince him Santa needs to visit. They will write a persuasive letter to Jake. 

I'm going to use some of the Christmas-themed activities I've made over the past few weeks to do a speed review of some of our most important skills.

Mrs. Frizzle and the gang are going to take us on a holiday adventure to a recycling plant. The students will make a graphic organizer to show what new information they learned from the movie.

Each student gets a giant candy cane stuffed with kisses to use to make up multiplication and division word problems. They will ask their table group to draw bar models to solve the problems.

After that, it's lunch and then refreshment time....and finally, dismissal!


  1. WOW! Sounds fun. I will have to remember all of this for next year, we are already on break.

  2. wow!!! I don't know how you do it... I am a first year third grade math teacher, and I am awesomely overwhelmed with all your amazing publications.. Thank you soooo much. You have refreshed my excitement for introducing students to new concepts and have shown me how much fun students can have learning. This comes at a time well needed!! Thank you again... You are awesome!!!