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Monday, March 12, 2012

Once There Was a Bull(frog) -- Freebie

I this book!
My students this book!
So EVERYBODY's happy!

Click on the pic below to download a fun matching game for practice in making compound words. Once the words are made, ask the kids to write sentences with five of the words.

How many compound words can you leave in a comment?


  1. Thank you! My classmates will love this!


  2. I really like all of your stuff. When I am downloading it though it seems to be turning out really small and in the center of the page. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Check your settings on your printer when you print a pdf. I have choices for Fit and original size and that changes what I see. Mine prints out large when I print it straight from the link.

  4. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! I am moving from a 6th grade class to a second grade classroom this year and this will help tremendously.

  5. Thank you for this great freebie!

  6. Goodness! Everyone, including myself, will enjoy using this compound word activity! Lots of sunshine to yourself! (4 compounds for you!)

  7. Thank you!My kids enjoy this activity & learn compound words to boot!