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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whoooo Knows Possessive Nouns?

Here's a freebie to use in a learning station for extra practice. Students sort possessive nouns, then write sentences with them.

Whoooo will leave a comment? :)

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  1. You must work in Florida??? Do you use the Treasures series? We seem to be on the same We did these this week too! Even in 2nd grade, it's what we're doing :)

  2. Oh wow! You are two away from 100 followers!
    I posted something:

  3. I am awed by your creativity :) "Whoooo" knew possessives could actually be fun?!?

  4. You have such great FREE resources on here - thank you so much for sharing! They're easy to understand, and more importantly for my kids, not too 'cutesy'. We're almost 10, so we're pretty grown up and don't need things to look nice. Why don't they ever think of their teacher!

  5. Your resources are awesome! They are just cute enough without being over the top! Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is perfect for my third graders right now! Thanks! Your site is fantastic. I should be going to bed right now, but can't. I'm having waaayyy too much fun searching, thinking, and creating!

  7. Just found your site, and it's fantastic! I love all your great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I love this! I just found your blog through CFToo. I love your ideas for upper grades!

    Tales From Outside the Classroom

  9. Just wanted to let you know that I showed this off on my blog! Thanks for all the great resources you share! :)


  10. thanks so much!

  11. Your activities are AWESOME! I love them and so do my students. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the rest of us.