Sunday, August 7, 2011

Last Day Before the Kiddos Come!

Our team worked at school today finishing up....trying to finish up....pretending to finish up....our rooms before the kids come tomorrow. We have fun no matter how tired we are. (Or how sad....my daughter went back to college today...insert pouty sad face here.) Here's what I did today.
Reading Focus Wall....We use Scott Foresman's Reading Street.

FACE Board....I just think the kids like FACE better than CAFE. We are going to go over the strategies they added to the board last year in Second Grade and add them again. The kids do the writing, not me. Below the FACE Board is our Word Work Station. We are really going to concentrate on prefixes and suffixes this year, so there are lots of materials for the students to explore based on that.

Job Chart and Dismissal Poster....Right by the door! Dismissal will be the most harrowing part of the day tomorrow!

Close up of Job Chart

Tic Tac Toe Station...We review skills from all areas of the curriculum here. The mailboxes are for the kids to file papers until they are sent home. I used the cookie sheets attached to my cabinet doors for Word Work last year. I'm thinking they are going to hold my Daily Five/Station Rotations this year. I've ordered free magnets from VistaPrint, but they aren't in yet.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I'm excited to get to have my same group of wonderful, fun-loving, zany kids again this year!

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