Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super First Week!

It's been a great first week in Third Grade. Even though I am looping with my students from last year, we have nine new students who were not with us last year. The "old" students were welcoming to the "New Kids on the Block." This first week was still sooooo much easier than last year since most of the kids knew our procedures and routines already. One of the activities we did was to compare the way we were in second grade with the new and improved us in third grade. Students brainstormed ways they were the same and different and designed a Venn diagram to show their ideas. If they were in our class last year, the kids glued a second grade picture along with a third grade pic onto their diagram. Otherwise, they just drew a portrait.

One picture I left out of my earlier posts was my rocking chair. The kids all sign it on the last day of school. It was one of the first things they looked for when they came back this year. 

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