Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Almost Too Tired to Post!

Yesterday was a half day with kids and today was our first full day. When I look at the list of things we did today, it doesn't seem like much....but we were busy every spare second!

1) Started organizing student binders. We use clear pocket protectors with labels so the kids know exactly what goes where. It makes it easy to say, "Turn to your Important Paper Pocket and add this note."

2) Introduced two new students and took their pics for our pirate door. My mini-Black Beards wore my pirate hat and I framed them in black mats from Dollar Tree.

3)  Reading Benchmark Test  (Now I have to grade it!)

4) I PICK lesson....kids looooved it! I used The Sisters' suggestion of bringing in a variety of shoes to talk about "Good Fit Books." I also showed an I PICK video I found online at TeacherTube.com.  (I've been rapping I PICK in my head ever since!)

5) Kids picked out three books for their book buckets......hopefully we will read tomorrow!

6) Journal writing and sharing

7) Lunch

8) Activity Period -- PE

9) Short break with other Third Grade classes

10) Dismissal

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  1. Sounds like you did a lot!! I think I am always tired for the first couple of weeks. Have a great day tomorrow!!