Monday, July 24, 2017

Be Flexible with Flexible Seating

I've done some research on flexible seating and think it's an effective way to keep your student engaged by meeting a variety of needs.

My daughter is in the process of setting up her classroom with an assortment of seating for her students. Look for pics of her options in a future post.

Have you seen these?

So easy to store when not in use!

I used four cushions with a non-skid backing similar to these. The kiddos could use them on the floor, on a crate turned upside down, or even in their desk for a little extra cushion. I found mine on clearance at Target several years ago. Here's a pic of mine on the crates.

Here's a link to those cool wobble stools.

This large outdoor cushion would be great for your kiddos to drag to wherever they'd like to sit. It will even fit under a classroom table that's been lowered to be just a few feet off the floor.

There are all colors and styles of bath mats that are perfect for sitting on the floor. If you can't afford a big carpet for your room, try one of these for every student. You can find them at every price point.

Comment below with some ideas you've used for flexible seating in your class.


  1. Oh I LOVE flexible seating! During work time I allowed my students to sit wherever they wanted. Many would just lay on the ground or our group carpet. While I didn't have many different types of chairs, I always allowed pillows, large stuffed animals, body pillows, arm pillows, etc. They enjoyed those. I love that scoop chair! Haven't seen that before. Super cool.

    Mischief Managed

  2. I've always believed the kiddos will do their best work if they are comfortable! Good luck with your flexible seating this year.