Monday, May 14, 2012

Multiple Meaning Cookout -- Freebie

Students must work with multiple meaning words in order to meet both the second and third grade Common Core Standards.

Use this as either a whole group activity or in a literacy learning station. For whole group work, place the word cards on different desks or other places around the room. Hand definition cards out to students and get them to find their matching definitions, then run to the correct word card.

Just click on the pic above to download the activity.
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  1. Looks great!!! Thank you for sharing!!!


  2. Awesome:) Thank you for sharing! This is a difficult concept for my students, but our intervention program incorporates this so they are catching on. But more practice never hurt anyone;) Thanks again!

    We are ALL Special!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I taught 1st grade this year and found out yesterday that I'll be in 3rd grade next year. I need upper level activities and this one looks great! :)

  4. Thank you! My kids need extra practice with this skill. This will be very helpful.

  5. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful creations of yours. I know my students are going to enjoy these next week.

  6. Thank you for sharing your awesome resources! :)

    ~Mary Hall Lester

  7. Thanks for so many awesome activities! I love it.