Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Endings -- Suffix Freebie

We have been working a lot -- and I mean A LOT -- with suffixes this year. This activity uses words from the book, Happy Endings, A Story About Suffixes, by Robin Pulver, to review what we've learned. Instead of giving the students categories for sorting words, I am only giving them the words. They have to come up with the categories, create their own graphic organizer, and write a few sentences using these words. It is correlated to second and third grade Common Core Standards.


  1. I was just looking for something on suffixes! Thanks!

  2. We are just getting ready to review suffixes. This is perfect! Thanks for posting all of your games and activities for FREE!!

  3. Been looking for some resources on suffixes, these are all fab! Thankyou :) x