Saturday, November 12, 2011

Spots and Dots

Thank you to everyone who has left me one of those wooooonderful comments about the activities on my blog. I love reading them and knowing someone out there in blog land likes what I've been posting. I intend on continuing to share the love and keep all the "freebies" free. Teachers are probably the most "share-ful" people there are, so I want to pay it forward however I can.

I do have a favor to ask. Two of my friends (my assistant principal and his wife) are the proud parents of two beautiful, "all-boy" boys (wink, wink). The youngest son has been chosen to participate in the national calendar for "Spots and Dots," the supporting organization for families of children with a nevus. He has just completed his eighth surgery for nevus removal and/or skin expansions. He is a trooper and doesn't let those surgeries get his little two-and-a-half-year-old self down! They are selling calendars for ten dollars to help promote awareness of children with a nevus. 

If you would be interested in getting a calendar, please leave me a comment below. They are taking pre-orders now through November 18. If you would like more information on a nevus, you can go to www.nevusoutreach.org.

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