Saturday, August 24, 2013

What a Great Idea!

I came across this idea on Pinterest this morning and loved, loved, loved it! 
It's so simple, yet can make such an impact.
Ms. Fultz at Ms. Fultz's Corner had the brilliant idea that if every follower on her blog donated just one dollar to a Donor's Choose project, then we would have an impact on many, many teachers, and many, many kids!
If all my followers donated, that would be almost $1300 helping our fellow teachers!

Such a simple, easy thing we can do to help other teachers. 
I'm heading over to Donors Choose to donate to a special friend of mine. She has three literacy projects she has designed. I know her personally and have seen first hand what an engaging, caring teacher she is. If you are inspired by Ms. Fultz's post, please drop by Mrs. Aymett's site and give your dollar today!

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