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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Expanding the Kingdom - Sentence Freebie

I'm trying everything I can think of to give my kiddos good models for practicing sentence writing. I'm hoping this arranging activity will fit the bill.
The cards can all be arranged to create compound sentences, so they kiddos are going to have to really think about this!
Just click on the pic above to get the file.
This is part of a new packet I've posted on both my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook stores. Click on the store links at the right if you want info on the entire packet.

I would be royally pleased if you could leave a compound sentence as a comment, and I hope you will follow my Teachers Pay Teachers and TeacherNotebook Stores! :)


  1. I love, love, love this super game, and I wish I knew how to insert pages you can click on like yours above.


  2. You are always the "best" in my book, and I love your resources you create. You are very creative, and I admire your abilities.
    Susan in NC

  3. Thank you. Your idea is so cute!

  4. I wish I were creative but alas I am not! Thank you for your generous spirit! I love this game!

  5. This activity is so cute! I have so many students that need to work on this! Thank you!

  6. I love these ideas. Am printing straight away to use with my little ones! Thanks.