Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Making Plurals by Adding S or ES -- Freebie!

Are any of you using Journeys as a basal this year? Our district adopted it and we are using some of the stories, but not all. I really like the selection on Roberto Clemente. It's great for introducing literal  and non-literal language. I've created a packet of activities based on the story for my TpT store. 
Here is one of the activities from the packet you can have as a freebie.
It's a scavenger hunt. Post the plural words around the room and give your kiddos the recording sheet. They write the plural words under the correct heading and add the singular form.
I love giving my kids scavenger hunts and write the room activities. It's a great way to get them up and moving. I always tell them to be sneaky so they won't give away the location of the cards to anyone else.

Have a happy first week of Fall!


  1. We just adopted Journeys this year. I am still trying to wrap my head around all the components and the best way to use them for my 2nd graders. I will definitely be checking out your TPT store to see what you've come up with! THanks for sharing this freebie!

    1. I have posted products for Journeys all the way through What Do Illustrators Do? I will be adding more, so keep checking.

  2. Thanks...this is great!