Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Latin Suffixes Freebie!

One of the hottest topics during our Common Core training has been on Latin suffixes. Third grade students should be able to decode words with common Latin suffixes (RF.3.3b). 

This fun activity requires students to match up words that end in the suffixes -er and -or with a meaning, rewrite the meaning in their own words, and then choose five of the words to use in sentences of at least seven words.
To get your copy, just click on the pic of that cute little gopher!


  1. Sounds really fun. I always loved that game as a kid (okay, I still love it). Thanks for sharing!
    Kids Math Teacher

  2. I teach fourth grade and I just downloaded this for my classroom. Now to find a few foam mallets!!!!Thanks for your sharing!

  3. THANKS!!! I will be teaching Multi-age 2-3 in the fall and instructing on Latin suffixes will be new to me...your resources are always so helpful!

  4. Hey, friend, would you believe my principal called yesterday and changed me back to 3rd grade (after having 2nd grade for 1 year)? I taught 23 years in 3rd, but that was "before" the Core. Now, to learn the standards for 3rd grade. Your products are going to help me out a LOT!! Hugs to you! You'll be a big help to me this year! I'm off to find some great 3rd grade blogs.
    Susan in NC

  5. This will be a great activity to use with my third graders. Thank you so much!