Saturday, February 16, 2013

President's Day Books and Freebies!

It's hard to believe Valentine's Day has come and gone. My kiddos were so excited to give me their cards, candy, and presents. I still remember how exciting it was when I was little, and that's been a few years ago! I tried to tell the kiddos about making sacks just like they did, but they just looked at me like there was NO WAY Mrs. Pitner EVUH - EVUH had been a little girl in second grade!

We are off Monday for President's Day, but I'm spending a little bit of the week talking about some of our presidents and reading some great books.
If you will click each of the pictures below, you can find some freebies I've made and am using in my stations.

If you are beginning your planning for March, I have several items in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and Teachers Notebook shop you might like. Click on the links to the right to visit!

Have a wonderful weekend recovering from Valentine's Day!

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