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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Froggy's First Kiss -- Freebie!

My kids loved, loved, loved all of the Froggy books last year in Second Grade and will still pull one of the shelf this year every once in awhile. Here is a fun freebie on sequencing, as well as a scavenger hunt for various types of words.
Click on the pic to download....and please leave a comment! It's been a loooooong week and I need a pick me up!


  1. Thank you again for your great stuff!

  2. Thanks Mary!! You are so kind to share all you do!! It's almost Friday....hang in there! I am counting the days until February break!


  3. I LOVE me some Froggy and these are great! Thanks for sharing! You've almost made it...I think I can...I think I can...hang in there!

  4. L-O-V-E Froggy! Thanks for sharing!!


  5. Hi Mary! I don't teach a young grade (I teach 6th) but I love seeing all of your ideas! They inspire me to make learning fun for my "big" kids.

    Hang in there! :)

  6. I haven't read the book, but the idea looks too cute! I will be looking for the book this weekend!!! Thanks!

  7. We are froggy fans in our class. Thanks for the freebie!

    Chickadee Jubilee

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  9. LOL I have JUST finished my graphic organizer on this book!! We are working on author's purpose and we will be reading this book. The funny thing is that I used the exact SAME clip art you used on this activity! :) I guess "great minds think alike :)"
    Thank you SO MUCH for the freebie! It's sooo cutee!!!

  10. I am a third grade teacher in Texas and check your blog daily for all your super fun teaching ideas! When I use one of your activities I always tell my kids where I found the lesson. Thank you so much for all your freebies- you are so generous and I love your creativity. I use many of your lessons and thank you for saving me so much time!!
    Blessings to you - you're awesome!

  11. This is incredible! Great story and perfect for working on past tense verbs and sequencing! Just in time for Valentine's Day.